Using the Chart to Effectively Coach Equitable Discipline Practices


Presenter(s): Paul M. Meng

Abstract: Nationally, African American boys are 3.5-5 times more likely to be subjected to exclusionary discipline practices in schools than their white or Asian peers. Several approaches to addressing this problem have been proposed in the literature. McIntosh and colleagues have developed a framework of Vulnerable Decision Points, which has been integrated into some implementations of PBIS. One core strategy in this model involves teachers or other providers taking a pause to engage in self-reflective behavior prior to delivering exclusionary discipline consequences. Charting is ideally suited to managing this aspect of such programs and preliminary evidence indicates that it may be quite effective in practice. This basic approach to increasing equity in school discipline practices will be covered and data will be shared on preliminary results of using the chart to facilitate professional development of this kind.

Event Level: Intermediate                    CEUs: Unavailable for this presentation

Objective(s): 1. Describe the Vulnerable Decision Point Model of racial disciplinary disproportionality; 2. Describe the critical elements of implementing an intervention based on this model; 3. Describe how the chart can be used to effectively facilitate the delivery of such professional development.

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