Using Precise Measurement to Promote Healthy and Happiness


Presenter(s): Kelly Ferris (ORL); Meaghan Kemp (ORL); Eunice Barron (ORL, Seattle Children’s Hospital)

Abstract: O.R.L. not only values engaged and happy learners—our programming and client interactions show strong committed action. This symposium will include three presentations summarizing the intricacies of assent based programming: measuring it and using data to inform changes; building tolerance while promoting voice in the context of “have to” health and safety routines; and using functional analysis to dig deeper when necessary. If you are new to precision teaching, you will gain practical tips on measuring student/client assent and steps you can take; experienced audiences will benefit from the FA investigates its results, and recommendations for critical features of programming with learners with fragile curricular courage.

CEUs: 1 

Objective(s): 1. Define assent and assent withdrawal, according to the presenters; 2. Describe two assent withdrawal measurement practices to guide programming.

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