Precision ExeApplying the Standard Celeration Chart to Exercise Sciencercise Science


Presenter(s): Andrew Bulla, Ph.D. (Georgia Southern University) and Austin Seabert.

Abstract: Scientists and practitioners have used the standard celeration chart to teach a variety of skills. From these applications, many discoveries have been made on how best to assess and measure performance. The current symposium extends the discoveries of precision teaching to exercise science. Presenters will share two personal projects where they used the standard celeration chart to monitor performance. The first presentation will focus on extending instructional design principles and standard celeration charting to coaching soccer skills. The second presentation will highlight how standard celeration charting can help enhance decision making and progress in physical therapy exercises.

CEUs: 1 

Objective(s): 1. State what a component/composite analysis is; 2. State the kinds of learning inherent in juggling; 3. Use a variable timing procedure to measure behavior;  4. Use a fixed timing procedure to measure behavior; 5. Set goals/aims for a rehabilitative behavior

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