An Analysis of Oral Motor Prompting Procedures on Fluent Speaking Ability


Presenter(s): Risca Solomon BCBA (Level 4 Talk Tools certified/Skybound Therapies), Richele Yeich BCBA (Eastern Florida Autism Center/Heart the Chart), Jamie Schepp M.S. CCC/SLP (JMS Therapy Services), Jonathan Amey M.Ed. (AIMS/Heart the Chart)

Abstract: Learners with Autism, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, and CP were given daily and weekly sessions of ABA modified Talk Tools based protocols with data collected on the Standard Celeration Chart. This approach was implemented by a collaborative multi-disciplinary team comprised of speech language pathologists, BCBA’s, RBT’s, and parents. Data will be presented on the SCC demonstrating acquisition of component and foundation skills necessary for intelligible and functional speech production. An individualized scope and sequence was established based on learner deficits in KSPT (Kaufman Speech Praxis Test) and baseline oral motor fluency measures. The jaw, lips, and tongue are the primary articulators for speech sound production and will be the primary focus for data display and video clips. This presentation will focus on mastery criteria (aims) and specific protocols implemented that resulted in significant speech improvement.

Event Level: Intermediate                    CEUs: 1 

Objective(s): 1. Participants will identify the tool skills necessary for speech production and their role in individual sounds; 2. Participants will identify at least 3 manual prompting and shaping procedures across 3 separate movements; 3. Participants will identify the mastery criteria for fluent speech production and conduct a baseline assessment for speech production.

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