Making Decisions with Learning and Performance Data


Presenter(s): Elizabeth Haughton (Haughton Learning Center/Heart the Chart), Richele Yeich (Eastern Florida Autism Center/Heart the Chart), and Jonathan Amey (AIMS/Heart the Chart)

Abstract: Instructors are presented with many questions when beginning instruction with new learners, “what is the mastery criteria for individual skills, what are the strengths and needs of the learner, how do we sequence skills to maximize learner engagement and progress?” This symposium will discuss the role of learning and performance data in making those decisions. Charts will be presented showing how instructors can establish mastery guides for learners and then how to incorporate into program design. The balance sheet and learner action guide will be presented as a tool for screening data and building starting points for instruction.

Event Level: Beginner                    CEUs: 1 

Objective(s): 1. Participants will utilize the balance sheet and learner action guide to conduct a component/composite analysis and identify instructional pinpoints; 2. Participants will identify the role of mastery criteria in learning and decision making; 3. Participants will utilize the SCC as a starting point for screening and identification of strength channels in program development.

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