Impact of Remote Supervision on Reading Skills for High School Students with Dyslexia


Presenter(s): Salvador Ruiz PhD., BCBA (University of West Florida) and Alaina R. Cox M.Ed (Rogers School District)

Abstract: Remote Supervision has become the primary source of accruing hours for those seeking certification since the onset of Covid-19. Even prior to this, many Supervisees required remote options based on location. Further, developing methods for effective supervision training in an online format are needed for adequate training. The purpose of this presentation is to establish effective guidelines for remote supervision and display results of acquired supervision skills in an online environment. A discussion of results of Supervisee and client behavior will occur.

Event Level: Intermediate                    CEUs: 1 

Objectives: 1. Use Precision Teaching in an online format; 2. Use evidenced-based approaches in remote supervision; 3. Provide evidence for Supervisee acquisition of skills; 4. Measuring behavior through an online format; 5. Demonstrating mastery of reading skills in an online format.

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