Dismantling Barriers to Equity: Educator shifts from non-racist to antiracist


Presenter(s): Jennifer Borrelli; Robin Williams

Abstract: In order to overcome or reduce barriers for students, we must be able to accurately recognize and identify the barriers to equitable systems of education. This session is designed for educators who hope to gain a deeper understanding of the systems of power that perpetuate racism, what implicit bias is and how it can negatively impact educational outcomes, aspects of identity that contribute to learner variability, and actionable steps they can take toward change.

Event Level: Beginner                    CEUs: 1 

Objective(s): 1. Identify 3 of the 5 tenets of Critical Race Theory; 2. Gain a general understanding of systems of power that perpetuate racism; 3. Understand what implicit bias is and how it may affect pedagogical practices; 4. Generate actionable steps to address inequity at a personal level and an instructional level

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