Breaking Binaries


Abstract: The first question many expectant parents are asked is: What “gender” is the baby? First, is this the right question? What is the difference between sex and gender anyways? But more importantly, why is this question so important? This is a workshop meant to encourage real conversations about how binary assumptions about gender (e.g., what it means to be a man or a woman) and sexual identities (e.g, straight/gay) impact us, individually and collectively. In this workshop, we will differentiate sex, gender, and sexuality, examine the assumptions that underpin sex, gender, and sexual identity categories in the US and explore how these assumptions are problematic and contribute to various forms of oppression.

CEUs: 2

Objective(s): 1. Demonstrate openness to new perspectives surrounding gender and ability to listen and respond to new ideas or old ideas in new ways; 2. Ability to evaluate diverse perspectives, and navigate the ambiguity and complexity that is gender, sexuality, and sex; 3. Ability to assess and reassess one’s role in reproducing forms of structural inequality like cisnormativity, and heteronormativity; 4. Ability to use and understand the importance of gender-affirming language and pronouns; 5. Ability to break gender and sexual binaries in practice.


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