Applying Precision Teaching to motor movements, mindfulness, and everything in between: Channel wrapping your way to effective program design


Presenter(s): Jonathan Amey

Abstract: The goal of this workshop is to expose the attendee to the many ways Precision Teaching can be applied to the full scope of student learning. Attendees will leave the workshop with a scope and sequence for targeting emotional regulation and psychomotor movements as well as a toolbox of strategies for tackling barriers to instruction in handwriting, math, and reading. Emotional regulation will include programs for breathing, muscle relaxation, and imagery. Psychomotor programs will include the Big 6+6 and gross motor movements vital for everyday activities. Handwriting, math, and reading will be discussed with an emphasis on careful implementation of the learning channels through channel wrapping.

CEUs: 2 

Objective(s): 1. Participants will define terminology related to motor planning and emotional regulation; 2. Participants will identify the 3 main muscle groups related to motor foundation skills; 3. Participants will design a motor scope of program for an activity of daily living; 4. Participants will develop a sequence of emotional programs to target breathing and prosody; 5. Participants will utilize the learning channel matrix to wrap 3 unique skill areas.


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