An Accomplishment Based Approach to Defining, Measuring and Coaching Job Performance


Presenter(s): Carl Binder

Abstract: Workers deliver value to their organizations by producing accomplishments or work outputs. We can measure, train, and coach the performance of individuals by identifying those work outputs and creating job expectations accordingly. This workshop teaches a process for creating Individual Performance Maps (AKA Customer Diagrams), defining criteria for “good” work outputs, and then monitoring performance by counting work outputs that meet criteria. Such descriptions of jobs also provide a foundation for coaching and supervision, which we will discuss, time permitting.

CEUs: 2 

Objective(s): 1. Identify the major work outputs of an individual or job role; 2. Define criteria for “good” instances of work outputs; 3. Monitor, tally, count, and even chart work outputs to measure performance; 4. Use work outputs as a basis for coaching and supervision


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