Sal Ruiz

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Salvador “Sal” Ruiz is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has been a practitioner using the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) for six years. Sal has worked with students from ages 5-27, including typically developing and learners with developmental disabilities. Sal has worked in public schools and in the homeschool setting using the principles of Behavior Analysis and Precision Teaching. Sal’s background includes working as a paraprofessional, direct care staff, and behavior specialist. Sal obtained a B.A. from William Paterson University in Sociology and worked as a paraprofessional in a self-contained high school for students with developmental disabilities. While earning his certificate in behavior analysis from The Pennsylvania State University, he was working as a Behavior Specialist in North Jersey public schools. After earning his Masters in Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology he began preparing to apply for a Ph.D. in Special education at The Pennsylvania State University. Working as a research assistant for Dr. Kubina he has conducted research in the areas of challenging behavior and skill building. He has also presented his work at a variety of local and national conferences.
Sal applied his training in Precision Teaching and Behavior Analysis to treat challenging behavior in public school settings. His work led him to pursue a Ph.D. to contribute to the literature in Behavior Analysis. He currently supervises those seeking BACB certification and conducts research at The Pennsylvania State University. Sal is a Ph.D. holder and works for Chartlytics. Sal has been supervising those pursuing BACB certification and conducting research in the areas of visual analysis, and decision-making. Sal is an active member of the Standard Celeration Society and the International Association for Behavior Analysis. Sal’s career focuses on measurement, visual analysis, the treatment of challenging behavior, and supervision. His current interests are the Functional Analysis Celeration Chart, challenging behavior, sub-types of functions of behavior, organizational behavior management, and training.