Adam Peal

Adam is a behavior analyst and precision teacher with over 10 years of experience applying the principles of behavior analysis to help children, their families, and direct care staff improve quality of education and related behavioral interventions. He received two Bachelor’s degrees from The Ohio State University (one in Musical Theatre and another in Psychology with a minor in Sexuality and Gender Studies). He worked on his Master’s degree at Utah State University in Experimental and Applied Psychological Sciences (with a focus in behavioral economics, delay discounting, and functional analyses) and is finishing up his PhD at The Pennsylvania State University in Special Education and Educational Psychology. Adam’s research and clinical experiences include designing academic programs and interventions for children with ASD, analyzing and developing interventions for severe problem behavior, graphical analysis and measurement of behavior, behavioral research methodology, the development and application of problem solving and critical thinking interventions, staff training, clinical development, and mindfulness based interventions for students and teachers.  He is passionate about science, skepticism, critical thinking, and pushing the boundaries and application of behavior analysis. In his free time, Adam can be found watching and playing baseball, meditating, walking his pup, cooking, or reading a good book.