Adam Hockman

Execrative VP

Adam Hockman is a research associate with the Mechner Foundation in New York City. Alongside Dr. Francis Mechner and his colleagues, Adam assists in developing educational technologies and implementing behavior analytic practices in a private school setting.

Adam is also actively engaged with applying behavior analytic instructional design and precision measurement to the advancement of health professional education and clinical interventions. He consults with professionals to introduce and integrate Precision Teaching into their clinical practice, including speech-language pathology and medicine. As a result of his diverse training and professional experiences with leaders and top organizations in the fields of learning science and education, Adam’s passion is to apply behavior science to novel fields, such as medical education and music.

Adam is a member of ONtraCk, a newly formed team of clinicians and technologists who are developing an educational platform for pediatric cancer patients. Team ONtraCk was formed at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai’s annual health hackathon (Oct. 2017) and was one of the top finishers. In addition, Adam is co-founder of Mifa Music Training, a precision teaching-based music learning organization in NYC, and currently serves on the executive committee of the Standard Celeration Society. He received his undergraduate training in communication sciences and disorders from Utah State University and he plans to pursue a PhD in clinical research in order to bring behavior science to medical education and clinical implementation practices.