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Both content creation and archival work are continuous endeavors. We simply do not know everything that is out thereIf you have videos, documents, pictures, audio files or anything else related to charting and Precision Teaching you would like to share, please email us at [email protected]. We may be able to help you restore, edit, digitize, and share that material with up-and-coming generations of charters.


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Video Gallery   

Dr. Hank Pennypacker presents the Standard Celeration Chart Part 1

Dr. Hank Pennypacker Presents the Standard Celeration Chart Part 2

Dr. Hank Pennypacker Presents the Standard Celeration Chart Part 3

Pinpoints and Date on the Standard Celeration Chart (Introductory Level Content)


Lindsley & Precision TeachingPrecision Teaching: A Brief HistoryView File
The Chart BookAn overview of Standard Celeration Chart Conventions and PracticesView File

We have more in the works for you! Please keep checking back. 

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