About the Standard Celeration Society

Our Mission

The Standard Celeration Society is a membership organization committed to supporting and disseminating tools, methods, and strategies for measuring learning and performance. We have deep roots in behavior science and its application, with a history that traces back to the early days of the experimental analysis of behavior. At the same time, our members are pragmatists who use the standard graphic data display called the standard celeration chart (deceleration or acceleration) to monitor ongoing performance, and changes in performance (“learning” or celeration) so that we can better understand and make decisions that affect individuals, groups, whole organizations, and support research and development in many fields.

Our members include educators, students, psychologists, therapists of many kinds, social scientists, researchers, business people, managers, individual self-managers, policy makers, and more. We invite people to explore possible applications.

The Values of the Standard Celeration Society that guide our behavior in fulfilling on our Mission:

  • Acknowledgement and appreciation; standing on the shoulders of giants
  • Generosity in our interactions with others
  • Driving and embracing change
  • Social Beneficence
  • Commitment to evidence-based practices
  • Having fun

Conference of the Standard Celeration Society– Name Change! 

The vision of Ogden Lindsley, inventor of the standard celeration chart, father of Precision Teaching, and scientist extraordinaire was that standard celeration charting would provide a measurement framework for performance and change in many different fields and areas of application. He envisioned it as an extension of B.F. Skinner’s natural science of behavior, which relied on rate of response (behavior frequency) and a standard graphic display (he cumulative response recorder).  We might even say that Lindsley viewed the standard celeration chart (which he once called the “standard change chart”) as a standard, universal ruler for human endeavor, and for anything that occurs and changes as a count per unit of time. Precision Teaching has been a prominent application of the standard celeration chart. But we have also had Precision Management, Precision Therapy, Precision Self-Management and many other areas of application. Lindsley envisioned the Standard Celeration Society as having different divisions or groups of people who apply this standard measurement to different areas or fields of endeavor. For decades, our conference has been called the Precision Teaching Conference, because it began with the Sacajawea Project in the Great Falls Montana school system, from which Dr. Ray Beck and his colleagues trained teachers around the nation for a decade and brought their trainers together every year for a conference. But we have always intended to expand, in a clear way, our communication to the larger society about a full range of applications of this amazing measurement and decision-making technology. So as the Standard Celeration Society becomes more fully what it was always intended to be, our annual conference will be called the Conference of the Standard Celeration Society, which will include a gathering of Precision Teachers. That is the transition we are beginning now, with our slightly edited conference name, the launch of Special Interest Groups at celeration.org, and our expanded outreach. We are very excited about this and hope to draw together a growing community of passionate users from a variety of disciplines and applications, some yet to be discovered!

Volunteer members are the lifeblood of our Community

Here are some of the teams and committees where we could currently use additional volunteer help:

  • Editing video recordings for inclusion on our web site
  • Producing live webinars for our members and the public
  • Outreach to other professional societies & organizations