The Conference

The International Precision Teaching Conference is a time when scientists, behavior analysts, students, parents, teachers, practitioners, and other interested parties gather together to share about Precision Teaching (PT) and other technologies utilizing the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC).  Presentations typically discuss empirical data and methodologies, technological...

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The Journal

The Journal of precision Teaching and Celeration(JPTC) is the scientific journal of the Standard Celeration Society. The SCS publishes roughly twice a year. It provides a forum for research, practical applications, and discussions of Precision Teaching and Celeration technology. JPTC has dedicated itself to the promotion and diffusion of Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration...

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The Chart

The Standard Celeration Chart(SCS) was developed in 1967 be "Ogden Lindsley, Eric Haughton, (and several other graduate students of Lindsley's), Sanndy Houston (the administrative assistant), and Helen Brennan (the priter)" (Potts, Eshleman, & Cooper, 1993). The SCC is more tha a mere data-display tool; it guides its user to make data-driven analytical...

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The News

It is our greatest pleasure to announce the first ever SCS Board of Directors.  After a nomination process, five stellar candidates who accepted their nominations filled all positions of the board.  - Carl Binder - Kelly Ferris                                                         - Kent Johnson - Rick Kubina  - Chuck Merbitz   Since there are only 5 seats on the Board of...

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What year did BRCo publish and sell the first Standard Behavior Charts?

(The blue, six-cycle, 140 days chart).

September of 1967. [Behavior Research Company] BRCo was started to sell conjugate reinforcer arranging apparatus in 1957. Rob Dalyrimple, my apparatus technician, constructed the conjugate arrangers. BRCo sold them.

[Answer contributed by Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley, in a message posted on the SC List on 9-17-2000.]

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