The Conference

The International Precision Teaching Conference is a time when scientists, behavior analysts, students, parents, teachers, practitioners, and other interested parties gather together to share about Precision Teaching (PT) and other technologies utilizing the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC).  Presentations typically discuss empirical data and methodologies, technological...

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The Journal

The Journal of precision Teaching and Celeration(JPTC) is the scientific journal of the Standard Celeration Society. The SCS publishes roughly twice a year. It provides a forum for research, practical applications, and discussions of Precision Teaching and Celeration technology. JPTC has dedicated itself to the promotion and diffusion of Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration...

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The Chart

The Standard Celeration Chart(SCS) was developed in 1967 be "Ogden Lindsley, Eric Haughton, (and several other graduate students of Lindsley's), Sanndy Houston (the administrative assistant), and Helen Brennan (the priter)" (Potts, Eshleman, & Cooper, 1993). The SCC is more tha a mere data-display tool; it guides its user to make data-driven analytical...

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The News

Join us in celebrating our new Co-Presidents, Kendra and Donny Newsome!     A note from our new Co-Presidents....  

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Standard Celeration Society Basics

About the society

Since 1990 the Standard Celeration Society has comprised a collegial organization for all persons who use Standard Celeration Charts to monitor and change human behavior frequencies.

The Society's members come from a diverse background. They apply the Chart to all levels of education, including pre-school, elementary and middle school, high school, and college, as well as to all types special education. Additionally, members have used the Chart in human services organizations, business and industrial applications, performance management and improvement consulting, parenting and child rearing, self-management projects and general scientific analysis of national and world economic and social problems.

The Society encourages the development and growth of a science of human behavior and learning, and promotes using the Standard Celeration Chart to further that objective. Moreover, the Society seeks research to create data-based functional applications derived from the science of behavior and learning. Ultimately, we have a society to create a more loving, less fearful world.

Mission Statement: The basic mission of the Standard Celeration Society is to promote standard measurement and monitoring of behavior frequencies and their celerations.

The by-laws of the society are available as a PDF file.

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