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    The Standard Celeration Society strives to give its members the best possible foundation and support in charting and Precision Teaching methods.

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Our mission is to uphold and advance the defining features and conventions of the Standard Celeration Chart.
The SCS aims to be a friendly and enduring forum, supporting application and dissemination of standard celeration charting across an expanding range of individuals, practitioners and stakeholders.

Learning the Chart


The chart is more than a mere data-display tool; it guides its user to make data-driven decisions. Data are represented proportionally and multiplicatively allowing us to predict future performance.

How to Join Us

Open to any individual, from beginner to advanced charters. The Society provides information about the chart, instructions on how to chart and additional resources! Members will have access to the JPTC Journal Archive, new features and more on the new website!

Annual Conference

The 2015 Annual Conference was held in St. Pete Beach Florida, November 5-7th. Scientists, behavior analysts, students, parents, and teachers gathered to talk about their use of the chart. Next year’s conference will be held in Reno, NV November 3-5th.

The Society encourages the development and growth of a science of human behavior and learning, and promotes using the Standard Celeration Chart to further that objective. Moreover, the Society seeks research to create data-based functional applications derived from the science of behavior and learning. Ultimately, we have a society to create a more loving, less fearful world.

While the greatest number of adopters of SCC measurement and decision-making tools have been educators, we have also seen applications in corporate training, management, financial analysis, basic learning and performance research, social work, psychotherapy, and other areas. We hope to expand the scope of our web site and conferences to more fully embrace these other areas in the future.

A Special Thanks to our 2015 Sponsors!






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